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Fixing Windows Telnet 

Breaking with tradition and posting something about Windows again…. One thing that I have always hated about using a Windows PC is when I pull up a command prompt to telnet to a mail server or something to test.  If you’ve ever tried this you know what I’m talking about – you can’t see what […]

Delete multiple files that contain spaces based on age 

I had a problem on a FTP server running Solaris 9 that had tons of old files and many of them had spaces in the names. How do you automate removing the old files (the real concern being the spaces in the filenames)? Most solutions recommend using -print0 in find or xargs -0, neither of […]

Adding a Drive to a Veritas Disk Group 

Last time I showed you how to add a new drive to make a new disk group. Well, what if you already have a disk group, with just one drive on it and you want to mirror that data across another drive? The process is easy and here’s how: Let’s start off with a simple […]

Create new Veritas Disk Group 

Earlier I posted about how to add a new LUN to a Solaris 9 server. Today I’ll go through the process of adding that disk (emcpower6) to a new disk group and making it usable with a file system. This server has EMC Powerpath installed as well as the Veritas Storage Foundation running on it. […]

Adding a new LUN on Solaris 9 with VXFS and PowerPath 

There’s not a lot of documentation out there on working with LUNs on servers that use both Veritas Storage Foundation and EMC PowerPath. I have spent the last few weeks perfecting the process of Dynamic LUN Expansion and will be adding more posts about that process in the near future. Most recently I have been […]