Grape Harvest

Well, we had our first frost last week, so it’s time to start harvesting the grapes and making grape juice. We have four grape vines and so far we are half way through the first one. Cindy has been able to bottle about 20 quarts of grape juice already and it tastes really good. I love the fall, the cooler weather and the harvest season.


Bird in the Wood Stove

So today, I came home for lunch for an emergency bird removal. Apparently, in the big storm that we had hit Utah this past weekend, a bird flew or fell into our chimney and got stuck. Since birds can’t just fly straight up a chimney, it flapped around like crazy in the wood burning stove and up and down in the pipe coming off it. Well, with a plastic bag and the usual stove tools (the little shovel, poker and broom), we were able to capture the bird and release it back to nature in the backyard. I was amazed that as soon as I let go of the bird, it just flew right off into a tree like nothing had ever happened, and without even saying thanks!

Bird in the Stove

Painting and computers

So my wife and I painted my son’s room today and talking about stupid computer users, made me come up with this analogy. I don’t know if it makes sense to everyone or not, but here goes: A computer is a tool, just like a paintbrush. If you want to use a tool, it’s better if you learn how to use it. Anyone can pick up a paintbrush or turn on a computer, but if you really want to use the tool effectively, you need to take the time to learn how to use it and as you gain more experience with it, the better you are. Computers, like paint brushes, can be purchased easily, they are ready available, but just because you bought one, doesn’t mean that you’ll be any good at it. If you want your house to be painted well, you hire a professional. The same should go for computers. Unfortunately, people just assume that since they know how to turn on a computer, they should be instant experts at it, and if not they can call someone who is and get them to come over and fix their computer, or walk them through step by step, or whatever for free. Why is that? If you are going to paint a room and have absolutely no idea how to do it, do you start the job and then call an expert painter at home and say, “How am I supposed to paint the trim?” Of course, not. But then again, I’m not a painter and maybe people do. But my theory is that they don’t and the reason people are so willing to ask how to do something on a computer relates to a lack of respect for computer skills. There is this thought that anyone and everyone can use a computer. Unfortunately, there is a very small percentage of people with real computer skills, so next time you need help, be thankful for that person you ask for help. Well, I guess I’ve gotten off of my analogy/topic, maybe that’s why my wife says I should come up with analogies.

Starting my blog

Well, being in the web hosting business, and being a system administrator here in Utah, I decided to finally enter the world of blogging and decided to start off with a highly popular program – WordPress. I recently purchased this domain name, hoping that someday it might be a good name to use, we’ll see if that ever happens, but in the meantime, it’s a great place for my blog. Hope you enjoy!