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Christmas Presents and Chopping Wood 

So the day after Christmas was a good day. I took the day off and did lots of stuff. I setup the present I got my wife, an HP OfficeJet 7410, which is an all in one device, with an extra special feature. It comes with built in wireless network connectivity, which was just what […]

Gas Guzzler? 

I have a ’87 GMC Sierra pickup truck, a 3/4 ton with a 454 engine, so it’s not surprising that I don’t get very good gas mileage with it. Well, recently I learned how to overhaul an engine by using the truck as the guinea pig. My brother-in-law is really good at this, so I […]

Patriot Games 

So I just finished reading the book, “Patriot Games”, by Tom Clancy.  I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks now, I haven’t been able to sit down and read a book straight through for many years now, but as I got closer to the end, I just had to read it to the […]

Cleaning the Swamp Cooler 

So yesterday I cleaned out the swamp cooler and prepared it for Winter.  I realized that this is something that is pretty specific to Utah and the surrounding states.  I don’t remember ever seeing them anywhere else that I have lived.  So when you winterize a swamp cooler, you remove all the water from the […]

Fall Weather 

I just love fall weather. Right now the highs are in the 70s-80s and the lows are in the 50s and I just love it. The air is nice and cool and the leaves are changing colors. We are also getting plenty of rain to make the grass green. The only thing I don’t like […]