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Removing a LVM Volume Group in Linux 

What if you created a volume group in LVM and no longer need it? Well, to properly clean everything up follow the steps below. First, let’s identify the target.  In this case, I made a temporary /u2 partition, that I now no longer need: # df -h /u2 Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on […]

Sending mail from command line using Mutt 

I use this to attach reports (pdfs, etc) to emails in my scripts. Small Perl snippet: system(“/usr/bin/mutt -i $file_with_body_content -a $file_to_attach -s “Some Random Report $report_date” $mailto < /dev/null”); And since this has now bitten me twice, make sure that there are no variables with carriage returns at the end. In my case, both times […]