Fixing Windows Telnet

Breaking with tradition and posting something about Windows again….

One thing that I have always hated about using a Windows PC is when I pull up a command prompt to telnet to a mail server or something to test.  If you’ve ever tried this you know what I’m talking about – you can’t see what you are typing!  It’s not that bad, if you type perfectly all the time, but I do not.  Well, I was looking something up on MSDN today and happened to stumble upon this gem:  “set localecho”.  You have to specify it within the telnet prompt – you can’t specify it in one line on the command prompt, but at least it’s something.

From the command prompt, type just telnet, instead of the full line:

> telnet

Type in set localecho and then open the server port that you want:

telnet> set localecho
telnet> open 25

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