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Adding a Drive to a Veritas Disk Group 

Last time I showed you how to add a new drive to make a new disk group. Well, what if you already have a disk group, with just one drive on it and you want to mirror that data across another drive? The process is easy and here’s how: Let’s start off with a simple […]

Create new Veritas Disk Group 

Earlier I posted about how to add a new LUN to a Solaris 9 server. Today I’ll go through the process of adding that disk (emcpower6) to a new disk group and making it usable with a file system. This server has EMC Powerpath installed as well as the Veritas Storage Foundation running on it. […]

Adding a new LUN on Solaris 9 with VXFS and PowerPath 

There’s not a lot of documentation out there on working with LUNs on servers that use both Veritas Storage Foundation and EMC PowerPath. I have spent the last few weeks perfecting the process of Dynamic LUN Expansion and will be adding more posts about that process in the near future. Most recently I have been […]