Find open ports in Solaris 9

In many operating systems, you can find the connection between a specific process and an open port using lsof as I mentioned here. What if you don’t have lsof, like in Solaris 9? Well, if you have pfiles, you can do the same thing by looping through the current processes and checking what port they have open:

for i in `ps -A | grep -v PID | awk '{print $1}'`; do echo PID:$i; pfiles $i | grep port; done

To break it down:

This gives you all the PIDs of running processes:

ps -A | grep -v PID | awk '{print $1}'

Loop through them with the for loop, and then print the PID and the open ports of that PID to the screen:

echo PID:$i; pfiles $i | grep port;

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