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Solaris 8: Bad Superblock at block 16 

This weekend I got the joy of rebuilding a Solaris 8 server from scratch with backups. I had another server of the same hardware available to use for the restore, except it had Solaris 9 mirrored across 2 hard drives. Someday, I’ll go through and document the whole process, but basically I broke the mirror, […]

Postfix fails to shutdown on Linux VM 

So I had a problem with a RHEL5 clone (OEL5) Linux VM that would not shutdown postfix correctly on either a powerdown or on a reboot. Here’s the error I saw: Dec 15 16:43:01 testvm postfix[3160]: fatal: could not find any active network interfaces Dec 15 16:44:04 testvm postfix/postfix-script: starting the Postfix mail system Dec […]