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Resyncing a failed SVM Miror 

So in my last post, I replaced a failed hard drive. What if the drive isn’t bad? Maybe the mirror just got out of sync for some other reason. As I mentioned previously, sometimes metastat, iostat and cfgadm will still show the failed drive. In this case, it is very possible that the hard drive […]

Replacing a hard drive with Solaris Volume Manager 

Last time I posted about my experience replacing a drive in an array created with Veritas Volume Manager. That was a RAID 0 array that had lost its data immediately when the drive died, so I didn’t worry about saving the data when rebuilding it. This time I was rebuilding a RAID 1 array that […]

Replacing a hard drive with Veritas Volume Manager 

On one of my Solaris 9 servers, I lost a hard drive on a large array that had been built with no redundancy. RAID 0 is a tempting option for some admins trying to get the most space that they can out of the capacity they have, but it is almost always the wrong choice. […]

Extract files from an rpm 

If you want to extract the files from an rpm, it’s really easy. I needed to use this recently when I was going to install a printer driver in UNIX. The manufacturer had a linux rpm available for download, but I didn’t need the whole thing, just the PPD file. So, I ran this command […]