Premium EV SSL Certificates

So I purchased a premium SSL EV (Extended Validation) certificate from GoDaddy awhile back for a customer.  It all sounded like a good idea, there are many reports that talk about the lower abandonment rates in shopping carts, thanks to the green address bar.  Besides the fact that they cost ten times as much, I figured there would be a little bit more validation then simply e-mailing the administrative record in DNS for the domain asking for verification, but I had no idea how complex the process was to validate ownership of the domain.

First, you had to provide all of the details on the company from the registered number of incorporation, location of incorporation, etc., but then there was a 13 page contract and then after you get that to them they ask for a legal opinion letter from a registered attorney in the location of the company’s incorporation verifying the company’s identity.  Who knows, they may want more after that – I’ll never know.  This was enough for the company to decide they no longer wanted one.  I called up the billing department and was able to get a refund pretty quickly.

I then purchased a standard SSL and had a new certificate the next day.  I don’t think I would ever recommend the EV certificate again.

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  1. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! An EV SSL is SOOOO ridiculous, the CPA’s that I’ve talked to are SOOOOOO ignorant about all of this, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

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