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Author Highlighting 

I read this post by Matt Cutts awhile back (I recommend subscribing to his blog, some useful stuff there) and now that my blog is getting to the point where people are commenting on my posts and I am commenting back, it made sense to implement this on my blog. Going through his instructions I […]

Upgrading WordPress 

Well, it’s one of the great and annoying things about open source software – frequent code changes, updates, and security releases.  Version 2.5 of WordPress came out less then a month ago.  I decided, I’d wait for the first subversion release (2.5.1), which, of course, would inevitably fix problems with all the new features introduced.  […]

How to add a swap drive to Solaris 10 

So I needed more swap space, but didn’t have any more space on the current disk. What to do? Add another drive and set it up as swap space. The only caveat is that I am running the 32 bit version of Solaris 10, which has a limitation on maximum swap size of 2 GB. […]

Rename a Solaris 10 server 

To rename a Solaris 10 server, simply change these three files and then reboot: /etc/nodename /etc/inet/hosts /etc/hostname.hme0 (change hme0 to whatever the network interface name is) Another piece that makes sense to change, although not necessary is the dump space where you save crash dumps. To fix this is also easy: cd /var/crash mv oldname […]

Premium EV SSL Certificates 

So I purchased a premium SSL EV (Extended Validation) certificate from GoDaddy awhile back for a customer.  It all sounded like a good idea, there are many reports that talk about the lower abandonment rates in shopping carts, thanks to the green address bar.  Besides the fact that they cost ten times as much, I […]