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Validate Packages in Solaris 10 

I previously posted in my useful comments entry how to validate rpm files on an rpm based Linux server using `rpm -Va` and then checking the output. So how do you do this on Solaris 10? It’s actually quite simple. Use the pgkchk command. If you want to check a specific package use: pkgchk <package […]

Configuring Nagios Plugins & NRPE on Solaris 10 

Here’s a step by step installation of the Nagios plugin NRPE for Solaris 10 x86 (as the remote host): useradd -c “nagios system user” -d /usr/local/nagios -m nagios chown nagios:nagios /usr/local/nagios/ cd /usr/local/src # or wherever you like to put source code wget wget gunzip nagios-plugins-1.4.11.tar.gz tar -xvf nagios-plugins-1.4.11.tar gunzip nrpe-2.12.tar.gz tar -xvf […]

Registering Solaris 10 and updating patches from the command line (CLI) 

All the mainstream Sun documentation on the Sun Connection or Update Manager expects the server to have a GUI, which I completely don’t understand. As a matter of fact, their whole installation process is just as backwards and assumes the same thing. They have a server package installation, and it installs GNOME, duh! Anyway, you […]

Minimal install of Solaris 10 

If you have ever tried to install an instance of Solaris 10 without using one of their default (and highly bloated) options, you know what a pain it is to end up with something you want. Here’s what I found to be usable on Solaris 10 8/07 (Note: I used another installation of CUPS, so […]

vi – changing case 

As most system administrators, I use the vi text editor a ton in my job. So I am familiar with all the common commands you can run. Today I was wondering if it was possible to change lower case to upper case letters and the opposite, from upper case to lower case letters. Here’s how […]