NVRAM/OpenBoot Config Parameters

Here is a list of all the OpenBoot configuration variables available on a Sun SPARC server with their default values:

Parameter Default Value
diag-passes 1
asr-policy normal
local-mac-address? TRUE
fcode-debug? FALSE
silent-mode? FALSE
scsi-initiator-id 7
oem-logo default
oem-logo? FALSE
oem-banner default
oem-banner? FALSE
ansi-terminal? TRUE
screen-#columns 80
screen-#rows 34
ttyb-rts-dtr-off FALSE
ttyb-ignore-cd TRUE
ttya-rts-dtr-off FALSE
ttya-ignore-cd TRUE
ttyb-mode 9600,8,n,1,-
ttya-mode 9600,8,n,1,-
output-device ttya
input-device ttya
auto-boot-on-error? FALSE
load-base 16384
auto-boot? TRUE
boot-command boot
diag-device net
boot-device disk net
use-nvramrc? FALSE
security-mode No default
security-password default
security-#badlogins No default
post-trigger power-on-reset
diag-script none
diag-level max
diag-switch? FALSE
obdiag-trigger power-on-reset
error-reset-recovery boot

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