POP3, POPS, IMAP4, IMAPS on Exchange 2007

I know this is a little unusual for me to post on Windows stuff, but might as well pass on the information. Exchange 2007, has a Power or Management Shell (which is surprising similar to Linux/UNIX). Here’s how you enable POP, POPS, IMAP, and/or IMAPS on Exchange 2007 (with Service Pack 1 you can now do this through the GUI):

POPS (POP3 with SSL):

Set-PopSettings -SSLBindings: IPaddress:Port

POP3 (POP3 without SSL):

Set-PopSettings -UnencryptedOrTLS Bindings IPaddress:Port


Set-ImapSettings -SSLBindings: IPaddress:Port

IMAP4 (IMAP4 without SSL):

Set-ImapSettings -UnencryptedOrTLSBindings IPaddress:Port


  1. We’re working on this very same problem. I can get POP3 and IMAP to work. As soon as I attempt POP3S or IMAPS from a client, it fails to connect.
    Ports are open, Certificate is mapped to IIS, POP and IMAP.

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