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NVRAM/OpenBoot Config Parameters 

Here is a list of all the OpenBoot configuration variables available on a Sun SPARC server with their default values: Parameter Default Value test-args   diag-passes 1 asr-policy normal local-mac-address? TRUE fcode-debug? FALSE silent-mode? FALSE scsi-initiator-id 7 oem-logo default oem-logo? FALSE oem-banner default oem-banner? FALSE ansi-terminal? TRUE screen-#columns 80 screen-#rows 34 ttyb-rts-dtr-off FALSE ttyb-ignore-cd TRUE […]

OpenBoot PROM Commands 

Sun SPARC based servers instead of a CMOS chip use a different eeprom chip called the OpenBoot PROM (or just PROM for short). Instead of the graphical BIOS utility found on most x86 systems, SPARC systems utilize a command line interface to control various aspects of the boot process. The command prompt is simply the […]

Solaris Package Management 

Here are the most common commands you would use to manage your application packages in Solaris (the UNIX SVR 4 equivalent of rpms in the Red Hat world): pkgadd – installs a package pkgrm – removes a package pkgchk – checks (verifies) a package (pkgchk -v or -l are more useful) pkginfo – lists package […]

Upgrading VMware ESX Server 

I just upgraded a VMware cluster from version 3.0.2 to 3.5 (2 nodes connected to a SAN).  It was very easy, well documented and a very pleasant experience.  Of course, in reality the ESX service console is really just a customized Red Hat Linux installation, so the upgrade for that section is really just an […]

POP3, POPS, IMAP4, IMAPS on Exchange 2007 

I know this is a little unusual for me to post on Windows stuff, but might as well pass on the information. Exchange 2007, has a Power or Management Shell (which is surprising similar to Linux/UNIX). Here’s how you enable POP, POPS, IMAP, and/or IMAPS on Exchange 2007 (with Service Pack 1 you can now […]