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Apache ReverseProxy for OWA 

Here’s how I was able to get ReverseProxy working on Apache to protect an Exchange 2007 OWA instance. You’ll note that in certain areas I have the same thing multiple times with slight changes in capitalization. Microsoft does not understand case sensitivity nor POSIX compliance. All of the following goes inside a VirtualHost, of course. […]

New location for SSL Certificates 

So I am just starting to use RHEL/CentOS 5 on newer servers and starting to find some of things that were changed. Normally (in versions 3 or 4) the SSL certificate files were stored in /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.key, etc. Now when you install mod_ssl to enable the https server, the default location for these certificates is in […]

Intermediate or Chain SSL Certs on BigIP 4.5 

If you do a search out on the Internet today for instructions on how to properly chain a SSL certificate from a provider like GoDaddy on BigIP load balancing appliance (more specifically the older 4.5 version), you will find a confusing and complicated set of instructions that don’t even work. I’m not sure why it’s […]