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So I just recently got a new phone and have upgraded to a SmartPhone with Internet access, etc., so that I can check my e-mail from anywhere. I got the T-Mobile Dash, starting playing with it and then found that I could upgrade the OS from Windows Mobile 5 to 6 for free. I went ahead and upgraded, which was supposed to delete all the data off of my phone, which was good, since I had setup all kinds of stuff that didn’t really work they way I wanted it to. The biggest problem was that somehow I had set the phone to check my e-mail and then send it to me as a text message (I still have no idea how I managed to do that, since I wanted it to come over the Internet plan as e-mail. from what I can tell, the feature was probably called e-mail triggers or something.)

So imagine my surprise, when after the upgrade I start getting text messages again from my e-mail address that I hadn’t even setup yet after the upgrade! Come to find out, all of the e-mail information is stored on T-Mobile’s servers. (You can even log into their web interface to check your mail if you don’t like the interface your ISP gives you.)  They setup your email account on their servers and then “push” out new messages to you as text messages. It took forever to find how to modify this on T-Mobile’s site, so I’ll save you the hassle and give the link here (make sure you login to my.t-mobile.com first):


I ended up deleting the account and will set it back up again through the phone. I’m hoping this time I choose the right answers so it just downloads my mail through POP3 like I originally wanted.  I still can’t figure out who really likes having t-mobile send them a text message every single time they get an email, night or day – especially, if you receive paging alerts that you actually need to get.

Next task? Figure out how to get the VPN options to work correctly so I can check my work e-mail remotely….

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