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Windows Mobile 6 Exchange/VPN Woes 

As I mentioned previously, I recently purchased a SmartPhone from T-Mobile. I played around for some time trying to get my VPN to work setup, and no matter what I did, I was unable to connect to anything internal to my work’s network. Most importantly, I couldn’t connect to the inside interface of our Exchange […]

T-Mobile Dash 

So I just recently got a new phone and have upgraded to a SmartPhone with Internet access, etc., so that I can check my e-mail from anywhere. I got the T-Mobile Dash, starting playing with it and then found that I could upgrade the OS from Windows Mobile 5 to 6 for free. I went […]

Valid return code from system() 

In the past when programming in Perl, and used the system() call or function to run something on the local OS, I would use something like this: $rc = system($command); if ($rc){ print “$command returned $rc\n”;} Recently, I was reviewing someone else’s code and noticed that they did the same thing this way: system($command); if […]

Netmasks (Subnet Masks), CIDR, and Hosts 

  Netmask Inverse /CIDR Usable IP Addresses /0 4,294,967,294 /1 2,147,483,646 /2 1,073,741,822 /3 536,870,910 /4 268,435,454 /5 134,217,726 /6 67,108,862 /7 33,554,430 /8 16,777,214 /9 8,388,606 /10 4,194,302 /11 2,097,150 […]

Postfix commands 

Check your queues (quick hack for more then mailq): for i in active deferred hold incoming; do echo -n $i:; find /var/spool/postfix/$i -type f | wc -l; done Force queue to re-process mail: postqueue -c /path/to/postfix/ -f Rebuild alias database: postalias /path/to/postfix/aliases Rebuild transport table: postmap /path/to/postfix/transport