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Well, a couple days ago I finally upgraded off of the WordPress 2.0 branch and jumped up to 2.2 branch. The upgrade process is very straight forward, however, the process is a little on the long side. At least it is for me because I am never happy with it straight out the box. Besides the several plugins I use, I end up tweaking the theme template as well. Previously, this site always used the default WordPress template, which they would always update with every version. This made it so that I would always have to re-add my customizations to the new version. The default template is pretty plain, so this time I took the time to find a new template. So far I am pretty happy with the template I have chosen. I still had to modify it a little, but at least this way it is my option to update it or not. The template is also supposed to be designed with SEO in mind, so we’ll see if it does any better then it’s predecessor.

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