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UNIX passwd structure 

passwd syntax: username:password:uid:gid:comment:home–directory:login-shell username: Contains the user or login name. password: Contains an x, a placeholder for the encrypted password. The encrypted password is stored in the shadow file. uid: Contains a user identification (UID) number that identifies the user to the system. gid: Contains a group identification (GID) number that identifies the user’s primary […]

Upgraded/Updated site 

Well, a couple days ago I finally upgraded off of the WordPress 2.0 branch and jumped up to 2.2 branch. The upgrade process is very straight forward, however, the process is a little on the long side. At least it is for me because I am never happy with it straight out the box. Besides […]

Linux Virtualization = Linux-VServer 

I get sick of reading/scanning all of these articles in eWeek, ComputerWorld, etc that talk about virtualization and then go on to compare Xen and VMWare. Usually they end up saying how much better VMWare is because it has been around for so much longer. Sure Xen has just started, but why is that the […]

Stripped down JSSpamBlock 

So a friend of mine mentioned in his blog that he used Paul Butler’s JSSpamBlock plug-in with his WordPress blog to prevent spam. I thought it was a great idea, but I wanted to apply it to a script I had written previously that was just a basic guestbook page (not WordPress). I was getting […]

Solaris System Info Commmands 

prtconf – displays the Solaris device tree prtdiag – displays a table of diagnostic information that summarizes the status of system components (also use -v to show additional parts) prtfru – displays a hierarchical list of all FRUs in the system (-c & -l) psrinfo – displays additional information about the CPUs (-v includes types […]