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Checking 3ware drives in Linux 

Where n should be the unit number of the drive is question (0,1,2,3,etc) and /dev/sda should be replaced with the logical drive path: smartctl -a -d 3ware,n /dev/sda

Iptables Port Redirection 

How to redirect to another port on the same server: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth0 -d $SERVER –dport 25 -j DNAT –to $SERVER:2525 Redirect a port to another server ($SERVER2): iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth0 -d $SERVER1 –dport 25 -j DNAT –to $SERVER2:25 iptables -A FORWARD -p […]

Translation from gigabytes to kilobytes 

1 GB = 1048576 kilobytes 2 GB = 2097152 kilobytes 3 GB = 3145728 kilobytes 4 GB = 4194304 kilobytes 5 GB = 5242880 kilobytes 6 GB = 6291456 kilobytes

Power requirements for Dell servers 

Dell PowerEdge 1550 Total Power (Watts): 317 Total Power (VA): 453 Total Thermal (BTU/hr): 1083 Dell PowerEdge 1650 Total Power (Watts): 206 Total Power (VA): 294 Total Thermal (BTU/hr): 704 Dell PowerEdge 1850 Total Power (Watts): 287 Total Power (VA): 410 Total Thermal (BTU/hr): 980 Dell PowerEdge 1950 Total Power (Watts): 317 Total Power (VA): […]

List open files 

This command lists regular files that are open by running processes: lsof -n | grep REG Or just grep for the file you are looking for: lsof -n | grep $filename You can also see what ports are open using lsof -i.