Christmas Presents and Chopping Wood

So the day after Christmas was a good day. I took the day off and did lots of stuff. I setup the present I got my wife, an HP OfficeJet 7410, which is an all in one device, with an extra special feature. It comes with built in wireless network connectivity, which was just what we needed in our house since we use laptops and it’s always a pain to hook up to the printer. So now we can just have the printer somewhere in the house and print from anywhere. I had no problems setting it up on my WPA enabled 802.11b network and it is working great.

I also took the chance to split some wood for the our wood stove. I forgot how fun it is to split wood. It took me back to the good memories I have of splitting wood with my Dad as a teenager. I remember my Dad telling me that wood provides us with heat twice, once when you cut it and split it and then the second time when you burn it. He was definitely right.

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