Gas Guzzler?

I have a ’87 GMC Sierra pickup truck, a 3/4 ton with a 454 engine, so it’s not surprising that I don’t get very good gas mileage with it. Well, recently I learned how to overhaul an engine by using the truck as the guinea pig. My brother-in-law is really good at this, so I it was a neat opportunity to learn. I was hoping that after the engine work was done, not only would my oil leak be gone, but I thought it might perform better and get better gas mileage. Well, I figured it out the other day and I am still getting 10 miles to the gallon. Not very good! :( However, everytime I get out of my truck I smell gas, which is also not good. I had looked under the truck a couple times when the smell seemed pretty strong and I could tell one of the connections on the fuel filter appeared to be leaking. So I bought a new fuel filter and installed it tonight. The truck has two fuel tanks and I had also noticed some dripping by the switch that decides what tank gives the engine gas. So I took the cover off of that and looked at all of the connections. Everything looked about the same (old and worn hoses), so I started the truck up. The new fuel filter worked like a charm, with no leaking, but one of the hoses that connects to the switch was leaking pretty bad. I shut the truck back off and found the crack in the hose. The crack was close enough to the end and the hose was long enough that I was able to cut the end off and still put it back on. Now that is no longer leaking either. Unfortunately, I still have one leak left. There is a pin size hole in the bottom of the passenger side tank, that has a very slow leak in it. It makes me mad that it is there because I just had the tanks replaced a few years ago. I need to find out what kind of warranty I got on it and see what it takes to fix something like that. Either way, I’m going to use the gas out of that tank first! So after fixing all of these leaks, I can’t help but wonder, was I only getting 10 miles to the gallon because a bunch of it was leaking on to the ground? I will have to run some more mileage checks to be sure.

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