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Useful Tools 

Here’s a list of some of the tools I like and find very useful: Nagios Cacti Awstats DenyHosts If you haven’t heard of them, take a look, they’re very useful!

Google Sitemaps II 

Okay, so the gsitecrawler program did the trick. It was able to crawl all 22,702 links on the site and create a valid sitemap. The sitemap uncompressed is about 5 MB, so I uploaded the compressed version (sitemap.xml.gz) and submitted it to Google. After several minutes Google validated it and now comes the wait […]

Bird in the Wood Stove 

So today, I came home for lunch for an emergency bird removal. Apparently, in the big storm that we had hit Utah this past weekend, a bird flew or fell into our chimney and got stuck. Since birds can’t just fly straight up a chimney, it flapped around like crazy in the wood burning stove […]

Google Sitemaps 

So, I’m starting up a new website, and I just setup the Google Analytics and started working on a Google Sitemap for the site. Even though Google says that having a Google sitemap doesn’t effect the ranking of your site, I think that it helps a lot, especially with the indexing of the site […]

Painting and computers 

So my wife and I painted my son’s room today and talking about stupid computer users, made me come up with this analogy. I don’t know if it makes sense to everyone or not, but here goes: A computer is a tool, just like a paintbrush. If you want to use a tool, it’s better […]