Bird in the Wood Stove

So today, I came home for lunch for an emergency bird removal. Apparently, in the big storm that we had hit Utah this past weekend, a bird flew or fell into our chimney and got stuck. Since birds can’t just fly straight up a chimney, it flapped around like crazy in the wood burning stove and up and down in the pipe coming off it. Well, with a plastic bag and the usual stove tools (the little shovel, poker and broom), we were able to capture the bird and release it back to nature in the backyard. I was amazed that as soon as I let go of the bird, it just flew right off into a tree like nothing had ever happened, and without even saying thanks!

Bird in the Stove

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  1. That’s the bird, never say thank you to people who save him. The point is you successful release him. Do not hope anything from him. I wonder, how come the bird still alive in chimney as the heat from the firewood could bake him well? Good job

  2. Lucky for the bird, we were not using it at the time! After this happening several times, we covered the top of our chimney spout with chicken wire. Haven’t had a problem since.

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