My beginnings

I started working full time with computers in 1997 for a company called TechServ. During my years of working with them, I became a Windows geek, getting my MCP in Windows 95, and then getting my MCSE in Windows NT. I stayed with the company until 2000, when the company went bellyup because of the dot com fallout.

I went back to school full time after that and worked part time as a system administrator in the Engineering computer lab. It was here that I got my first taste of UNIX (HP-UX) and was really impressed. In 2001, I graduated from Brigham Young University and went to work for Flying J.

After 6 months of traveling every other week, I was able to get a system administrator position, that I held for another 3 years, working with hundreds of Windows NT workstations and UNIX servers (MP-RAS, an ancient and dead version of AT&T’s UNIX). After benefits at Flying J continued to get worse and worse every year, I made the big leap to my current job working for a much smaller company.

Going from a company that has 10,000 employees to one with 5 was quite a shock, but I’ve enjoyed the move thus far. I have now worked for my current employer since December 2004 and am enjoying the opportunity to learn cutting edge technology and advance in my field. Since the company is almost completely a Linux shop, I have almost completely forgotten all of the dumb Windows registry tricks and have replaced that with knowledge of compiling custom kernels.

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  1. In April 2007, I made another switch and am now the UNIX system administrator for a company in Roy. I work with a bunch of Sun Solaris servers and the occasional Linux server. Iomega has been a pretty good move. Even though they are a large company they try to avoid having the bad corporate environment, which is nice. I also work as the SAN Storage Administrator and work on an EMC Clariion CX500.

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